What is Aniwrapper?

Aniwrapper is A rofi wrapper around my fork of ani-cli: a command-line tool to stream, download, and play anime


  • Stream or download anime from gogoanime
  • Rofi filebrowser for searching and opening downloaded anime in mpv
  • Built-in search and watch history, utilizing a local sqlite database
  • 10 rofi themes to choose from

Install Aniwrapper

Arch Linux

aniwrapper-git is available on the AUR for Arch users

paru -S aniwrapper-git
yay -S aniwrapper-git

Manual Install

git clone
cd aniwrapper
chmod +x && ./
sudo make install

Using Aniwrapper

By default, running the program will launch the aniwrapper main menu with rofi enabled, the default theme, and video quality set to ‘best’

aniwrapper main menu
aniwrapper main menu with default options

From there, you are presented with the different options. I will talk about the four that I feel are most important: Stream, Download, Play From File, and Choose Theme


Streaming and downloading both largely follow the same internal logic and utilize the same menus, with the only difference being the the download at the end

The quality selection menu will be automatically enabled when downloading. To enable quality selection for streaming, pass the -q flag when running aniwrapper

Anime Selection Menu

The first menu prompts you to enter the name of an anime to search for, or to select a previously watched anime from the list

anime selection menu
Anime Query/Selection

If you are having trouble forming a search query that does not trigger a selection from the menu, append a space and a dash to the end of the query string: Ex. isekai isekai -

If you selected a previously watched anime from the list, you will move on to the episode selection for that anime

Otherwise, if you provide a search query that does not trigger a selection from the menu, you will be presented with a second menu with the search results

Searching for an anime

After providing a unique search query, you’ll be presented with the search results. Items highlighted in blue indicate it has been searched before

Select the desired anime from the list and you’ll be presented with the episode selection menu

anime selection menu
Selecting an Anime from the Search Results

Episode Selection Menu

Not too much to say here

The blue highlighting indicates the episode has been watched or downloaded already

episode selection menu
Episode Selection Menu

If downloading, you can provide a range of episode to download as two space separated integers: Ex. 1 10


With that, if in streaming mode, the episode should open in mpv, and the terminal menu will appear

If downloading, the download progress will be displayed on screen and a notification will be displayed once complete


Play From File

This option is intended to be used to easily find and open your downloaded anime in mpv

The searching function is implemented as a simple, interactive, and recursive file browser for your video files

After selecting the option from the main menu, you’ll be prompted to provide the path to the directory where the search function will begin

play from file menu
Play From File Menu

The search function ignores any file that is not a directory or does not have a .mp4, .mkv, .ts, etc file extension

Select the desired directory or video file to continue searching or open the file in mpv

select a directory
Items highlighted in blue have been selected before
select an episode
Once a video file is found and selected it will be opened in mpv

Choose Theme

You can change the theme from the main menu, by selecting the “Choose Theme” option and selecting the desired theme, or by running aniwrapper -t <theme_name>

availabe themes
Supported Themes

If you have your own rofi theme that you like and want to try using with aniwrapper, run aniwrapper -T <path_to_custom_theme>

Themes Showcase

aniwrapper (default)
aniwrapper (default)



Check it out on Github